Ultra-Match Precision NO B.S. Warranty

Quite simply, if we sell it and it fails....ever....we will replace it at no cost to the customer.

This applies to the part irrespective of whether the owner is the original purchaser, the second owner, or the umpteenth owner.  If you purchased a rifle with our part installed, you purchased the part.  If it fails, we replace it.  Your "Proof of Purchase" is the part.  We will NEVER subscribe to the policy of sticking a customer with a faulty part because you "don't have a receipt," "you aren't the original purchaser," "you didn't buy it from an authorized reseller," etc.  NO B.S.  

We are aware that many AirForceTM PCP owners have installed triggers from the now-defunct Rocky Mountain Precision Airguns (RMPA).  While we have NO affiliation whatsoever with RMPA, we recognize that prior-RMPA customers might need support in the event of a product failure.  As such, we are extending Ultra-Match Precision's "NO B.S. WARRANTY" to all RMPA AirForceTM replacement triggers.  If your RMPA trigger fails, reach out to Ultra-Match Precision and we will warranty the part as though it were our own.  NO B.S.


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